Pilates Republic was built with the assistance and support of friends and family. We endeavor to deliver a service that is honest and rewarding while bringing the community together.

Our team will ensure our clients receive the full benefits of each class by adding in a variety of functional movements, whilst also driving a strong cardio component, making the session fun and rewarding. We open our doors to everybody and have a range of classes that are tailored to beginners, all the way up to the more experienced practitioner.  

Republic: A group with certain equality between its members.
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Pilates Republic Owner - Bianca

Studio 1

Pilates has been a strong focus for our team over the years, as a variety of exercises can be taught on the reformer to help promote length, strength, flexibility, and balance. We have state of the art Alegro 2 Pilates reformers, which move traditional floor based Pilates onto a machine, creating opportunities for whole body dynamic strength, flexibility, and cardio exercises.


Studio 2

We run functional fitness and group classes in studio 2 including:

  • Yoga
  • Cardio HIIT Circuits 
  • Cardio Boxing 
  • Sweat & Control

For further information and descriptions of these sessions please click here.


  • 9 Reformer Machines
  • Functional Fitness Studio
  • Drinking Water
  • Training Mats
  • Foam Rollers
  • 10 TRX
  • Boxing Equipment
  • Circuit Equipment
  • Pilates Balls
  • Pilates Rings
  • 2 Bathrooms with 1 Shower
  • Car Parking