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Pilates Republic is here to serve, motivate and inspire our community through movement, while adding a sprinkling of magic and individual flare to every session. We are always on the lookout for new staff that embody these traits and are looking to teach both reformer and hot Pilates.

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Our team are responsible for delivering the highest possible quality of the Pilates Republic methodology, as well as connecting with each client that walks through our studio doors.

If you have had previous experience with most or all of the below requirements and are interested in becoming part of our highly skilled team, please email:

Successful applicants will receive training from our Training & Development Team before teaching a class.

Leading a dynamic class.
Planning classes with the appropriate transitions, sequences, and spring choices (for reformer).

Clearly and precisely cueing for: upcoming exercise and sequences, class flow, set up of exercise and providing technique tips throughout the session.

Providing individual help when needed in class, reinforcing technique, actively monitoring client’s positions, movements, and technique.

Mentioning muscles groups when facilitating a class and how to engage correctly while maintaining the quality of exercise.
Understanding the importance of building relationships with clients and maintaining them.
Understanding the importance of stage presence and keeping the clients engaged during exercise.
Creating session plans where exercises flow together (blocking/chunking).

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